The Oven Press - Helping the Homeless

The Oven Press - Helping the Homeless

The aim of this project is to build a restaurant/academy that can teach homeless people a trade as well as acting as a hub to develop.

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 5:04pm 8th June 2017

The aim of the project is to create a social eating space that will be self-funding and be able to assist with the development of homeless and unemployed community. As well as being a focal point for the community and a place to eat, learn and relax. 

The passion for the projects comes in wanting to help others, especially those in Manchester that are homeless and trying to better themselves, some just need a little help and a push and the idea of this project is to do this and be a platform for them.

Our team have several ideas on how best to achieve this, the concept of The Oven press it to create a food hub in which can be used to educate and teach homeless and the unemployed culinary skills as well as food handling & health and hygiene certificates.

We have already selected a premises and need help with the renovation of the project. It is set over two floors in the centre of Didsbury in south Manchester.  Our team consists of myself: Sean Parker who has a business background and a degree in Risk management as well as serving in the British Army for 10 Years  and Marc Cain, An established Head chef, who has worked in a selection of blue chip and independent restaurants.

We will be offering rewards for anyone able to donate

£ 1000 + Platinum Member of the Oven Press – Free food for a Year *

£ 500 + Gold Member of the Oven Press – Free food for 6 Months*

£ 250 +Silver Member of the Oven Press – Free food for 3 Months*

£ 100  + Bronze Member of the Oven Press Free food for 1 Month*

£0 – 100 Club Member – 1 free meal for 4 people