The O' company

Through this campaign, with your generosity, the aim is to raise funds in order to pay for travel, costumes, props etc.

 We are The O' company, a group of 6 young actors from all over Britain. We would love to take our newly written play on a tour to independent theatre spaces and show our talent to new audiences. Members of our company have written the play and are doing a christmas tour on top of other voluntary work and  studies.  Our group wanted to create a piece of theatre that shows a key-hole into the reality of every day life. The play focuses on real people and real events, perfect for an intimate actor-audience relationship.  As we are a young company we are hoping to raise funds in order to achieve our ambition of putting on our first mini tour.  The O' company was set up through connections with drama enthusiasts and three of the members went to Read Dance and Theatre College. The emphasis of our project is to create a mixture of art, so that we can always be diverse.  Continuing to push forward in anyway we can, with the aim of pursuing careers in the field. At present, some of the company are working on a collaboration of Shakespeare scenes, this will be performed at Oxford university for language students. We hope that you will support our project.