The northern P.I.O.N.E.E.R.S initiative

The northern P.I.O.N.E.E.R.S initiative

To secure land within the Highlands and Islands of Scotland to rewild a vibrant, living countryside that benefits the planet and people

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Welcome to  the The northern P.I.O.N.E.E.R.S initiative
(Permaculture institute of native, environmental and ecological resource studies) bid for help!

We are a group of passionate individuals working to secure land within the Islands and Highlands of Scotland to enable;

.• The repopulation and the transfer / sharing of traditional knowledge in an area within the Islands or Highlands of Scotland where a community previously existed or to rejuvenate a fragile or declining local community.

• To rewild a vibrant, living countryside that benefits both the planet and people

• To overcome two key barriers to those wishing to live and farm in traditional areas of the islands and highlands of Scotland: high land prices and planning consent for small-scale traditional farming / crofting.

• To provide a self-sufficient, working / living history example, maintaining traditional knowledge and skills for the next generation within a practical, participatory setting.

• With the aid of experimental archaeology students / traditional crafts people, renovate or build affordable, energy efficient;
• homes for approx. 20 families to
maintain, work and teach on the site
• small 'huts' for apprentices / tutors /
students and those interested in
sustainable development
• a traditional skills centre within a
complex of buildings
including workshops.

• To become a valuable resource for training and apprenticeships (for all abilities and backgrounds) in the future while working with other similar organizations and charities / college and university's throughout Scotland / Europe.

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