The Next Face of Glasgow 2016

I'm looking for a sponsorship for my son. This is a great opportunity to market and promote your Buisness and to reach out to new clients.

Hi there ; I'm delighted to say my son aged 4 has been selected as a finalist for the Next Face of Glasgow Walk Off 2016. By LMI GLASGOW.

I'm looking to see if it would be of interest to sponsor my son James. This involves fee of £138.00 which can be claimed back from your TAX as its classed as advertisement. 100% TAX deductible.

Your Buisness is mentioned twice when James walks out on the catwalk.
Your Business name is on projector when James comes onto stage.

200 flyers in goodie bags also provided on the night. This is a perfect opportunity to reach new customers as well as market and advertise your buisness. Dont worry LMI Glasow take care of all of this

The event will be held on 11th Sept 2016 @ Hilton Glasgow Grosvenor. This event attendance is also optional if you already have arrangements on the night. However an enjoyable evening is promised.

If you feel you would be interested in our sponsership offer please contact me either by replying  via email or Tel ; 07954099513 . If you have any questions at all just ask!!!

The Deadline for sponsorship is Wednesday 31st of August 2016. 

Kind Regards
Melissa Connor