The New Space Movement WEEKEND WORKSHOPS

An Arts project Gateshead, Tyne & Wear

The New Space Movement WEEKEND WORKSHOPS

The New Space Movement, a professional development program designed to upskill and develop performing artists in and around the north east.


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"This is really good timing, it is what is needed in the region"testimonial from pilot project, 2015

The New Space Movement will aim to provide professional development through workshops and creative residencies for dancers and movement practitioners in and around the North East with the aim to hone in on technical skills, developing their artistic identity, providing support and performance opportunities.

The challenges we have faced with this project is understanding what it is the performing artists of the region are needing and how to network with other parts of the industry who can help with that. We have also struggled to raise enough monetary support to make this project happen but we are keen to keep trying and we are passionate about making this work!

With our extensive market research, these questions are being answered working closely with the professional artists of the north east, dance city and  other art venues and collectives such as NewBridge Project, Space Six, Gateway Studio Project and educational establishments Newcastle College and Newcastle University.

Through many surveys, we can now understand that what artists are in need of the most is:

-access to time and space to create and explore new ideas or concepts to their work

-more opportunity to network with other artists.

-Learning new artistic approaches, more opportunities to work with artists outside the region for a longer period of time

- to have access to training through the summer when regular classes are not available.

We also produced and managed a pilot project in 2015 which was self funded and included workshops, feedback discussions. In addition to the pilot project, we will be facilitating free networking events for artists in the sector to come together and have informal discussions about careers and current projects and are looking to host 3 weekend workshops in January. These artists are:

Jamaal Burkmar: The choreographer responsible for the immensely physical and passionate dance works, OCEAN, SONDER AND 12 BARS. Jamaal completed his training at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds, was commissioned by VERVE to recreate OCEAN. Created works on youth groups, recreated OCEAN for a final time at The DANCE UK Conference, 2015 and recently successfully gained Matthew Bournes New Adventure Choreographers Award.

Martin Hylton: Artistic director at Gateway Studio Project, Martin has endless performance and professional experience with PHOENIX DANCE THEATRE, SKANES DANCE THEATRE to name a few. Born and trained in Leeds at The Northern School, Martin has been a performer, a teacher, a director, an organiser you name it! Local to the region and heavily focussed on dance in the community and training the next generation of dancers through Phoenix Youth Academy we are very excited to have him on board!

Natalia Iwaniec: Qualified GAGA teacher.. if this hasn't grabbed your attention yet then know she has never been to the north east and we are very honoured to have her on board. Natalia finished her masters in theatre at Cracov and completed her dance degree in Poland. Since qualifying as a GAGA teacher in 2012 she has travelled and continue to travel all over a Europe and Israel to teach.

We have already successfully raised some funds at a fundraising event we hosted this year and the biggest thank you to everyone who supported us and continue to support us but unfortunately it is not enough to cover the project costs and we are looking for your help to help us reach our target, no matter how large or small and we really mean this, anything that you can give to help us reach our target with be hugely appreciated.

This money won't just go to the professional development program, it will go to allowing us to deliver workshops in schools that don't have access to dance or creative movement practice. As we know, the government are progressively cutting money from the arts which means children are being denied more and more chances to explore creativity and physicality through dance, and we want to give children a helping hand in exploring the arts as a career opportunity.

We are only a small collective and need every bit of support to see this project become a reality.

Thank you very much.

Here is they impact our previous workshops had on artists:

Fantastic energy the whole week,it had a 'nothing is wrong' attitude, I feel like I've learned so much"

"Amazing atmosphere"

"This week has taught me to be aware of my body, and how to express myself freely with no shame"

"...Definitely a great way to get to know people in the industry"

"My confidence skyrocketed today"