The Luxury Roses of London

The Luxury Roses of London - Make any special occasion unforgettable

The Luxury Roses of London- Make any special occasion unforgettable.

The Luxury Roses of London is a bespoke online rose and flower box delivery company that intersects the romantic tradition of sending flowers with exeptionally stylish design. No matter what the occasion is you can never really go wrong with The Luxury Roses of London as a perfect gift or decoration. My idea is to take the flower arrangements and flower decorations to a whole new level.

I was looking for my passion. I studied over many years to find it, read plenty of books to find it, moved to London to find it, I have had many conversations, trainings,  watched many many self-help videos and movies but I was struggeled. I read once that" you must do what you like to do, what you believe in and what you are most proud of.  Find your Passion! Once you found it try to make it profitable and then try to help the other people with that" and then....booom I found it! 

I am a tipical rose addict. I like receiving flowers-specially roses and also giving them to make my loved ones' day. It was my desire to create something special that actually inspired me to start an online flower box delivery company that would let the people to make any occasion unforgettable and make their loved ones feel special while they relaxing in the comfort of their own homes.

It a start up business, mainly I am the one who is dealing with pretty much everything (accounts, marketing, web design, being a florist, delivery, admin, social media etc.) but I am also getting help from my family members.

 My goal is to make the ordinary flower designs to an extraordinary one and expand our services all over UK!

We are also specialize in production of events; weddings, corporate events, birthdays, private parties, baby showers, engagement parties and so on. We adore nothing more than transforming a venue to an enchanting space. What we can do to make the venue unique? We are able to personalize the boxes for our customers, so if they would like their own company logo (corporate events)  or their own initials (for example the couple one at the wedding) to be printed on the boxes we are able to do it for them. In addition, our boxes are really high quality ones so they can be reused in the future.

We have started to deal with preserved roses as well that last for a year! These roses are 100% real, they undergo a special process which allows them to last such a long time.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that our customers can receive 100% satisfaction.  

We started to trading in April 2016. We have had quiet few orders , very high interests and we have ongoing discussions with event organisers. We have visited wedding shows, rose shows, RHS Chelsea flower show, we have got an invitation by the Harper Bazaar magazine. You can find us in the August issue. Also I have got a very honorable opportunity by the Marie Curie Hospise in November 2016 for their Autumn event at the Four Seasons London. 

I would like to reach the people in London and then in the UK by marketing  so this is why I am raising money and this is where the raised money will mainly go for and I also would like to donate my flower boxes for charity events where the organisers can say thank you with the flower boxes to the invited people for the raised money.

In the future I am planing to add other services, like different gifts, limited edition products, linergie for women, drinks, sweets, cakes-for birthdays-  to the online webshop.  

My final goal is to open my own shop :)

For the  backers I would offer different benefits such as discounts, free deliveries, loyalty cards, buy one get one half price offers, free rose boxes, Birthdays discounts, Valentine's day, Mother's Day special offers and so on.

Many thanks for believing my project.