The Little List Project

The Little List Project

The Little List Project

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 8th Nov 2016 our project closed

The programme that we are trying to implement focuses on the struggles of poor communities around the globe during periods of slow economic growth. Our first step towards our achievements and goals are to prepare a topic with good examples of teaching for each project composed.  The Little List Project will tell its first story of stagnation where its phase of action is to be carried out in a musical form where it will aim to enhance the knowledge and understanding of deflation , such as economic problems dating back to the Great Depression right up to today's society.  Real Records which is the community based group for musicians worldwide will aim to secure the rights of all races , minorities , tribal , indigenous  and religious minorities.  Promoting cooperation and understanding between communities by bringing together groups of different backgrounds who share similiar experiences. 

Real Record aims to resolve problems collaboratively  with The Little List Project as each installment will be based Globaly.

We would be truly grateful for all your support for promotional video costs and social media tools to ensure that our message reaches our desired audience effectively.  Studio costs for the engineering of our project.  Design and art work , merchandise such as T-Shirts and sweaters with the little list project. logo.

Bulletin costs for events , physical copies of the project and gifts for The little list Competition.  Travel exspenses  ,  annual launch venue and finally an advertisment commerically.

Attaining these fields real records would be more than grateful for all your support in reaching our goal.