The 'I' in Annie

 The 'I' in Annie is a short film about identity. It deals with existential themes but with a dark, playful twist.

 The 'I' in Annie is a short film about identity. It deals with existential themes with a dark, playful twist.



Annie is a young woman who has moved into a new house with her husband Frank. Living in a typical, Suburban neighbourhood Annie feels right at home, however after a shocking encounter with a stranger, her world begins to turn upside down.


"I want to make this film as it demonstrates the constant battle we all face as human beings, understanding who we are and our place in the world. This film makes reference to many spiritual aspects of life that I feel are important to each of us when trying to become more self aware" (Director; Andrew David Robson).

Once the film is made I am planning to send it off to film festivals world-wide and attempting to get distribution. Once this process is finished the film will eventually be available online for Public viewing. If you have donated, I can share a private link with you, where you can view the film upon completion.


Inspiration: Aesthetically this film is inspired by the films of David Lynch as it will have neo-noir lighting and strong bold colours.


A little bit about me:


" I graduated from The University of Sunderland with a First Class Honours Degree in Digital Film Production and have since been making short films locally. My short 'An Autumn Affair' made it to festivals world-wide and it was created on a micro budget (£50!). I have also worked on many other productions and programmes such as 'Utopia' for Channel 4.

I've since started a production company Tri-Aperture, with two former university colleagues and we make corperate videos, adverts and documentaries. This means I have access to a lot of equipment and people in the industry who I can call favours in. For example; sound equipment, lights and experienced crew is at hand.

My aim is to create a couple more short films with the hope of getting them into festivals and then aim to begin writing my first feature film. This short would be a great stepping-stone to pursue this path and it would be something beneficial to all involved."



For the part of Annie, Amy Telford has been cast. She is a talented actor who has worked on many short films, both in front of and behind the camera.


For the part of Frank, Annie's Husband, we have cast Dennis Baer, a very talented actor who's appeared in many short films and feature films up and down the country. He has also appeared in 3 of Andrew's short Films previously.


How the money would be distributed:

- Firstly I would ensure that the actors and crew are paid a living wage for the time spent working on the film.

- Money would also cover Locations, Travel expenses, Catering, Digital FX, Props and Make-up. 

- I am wanting to shoot the film on a Arri Amira Camera, which is Industry standard and provides exceptional image quality. This would ensure high production values and be benificial when applying to film festivals once the film is completed.


Hopefully We can reach our target of £1500, as this is the minimum amount needed to make this short film at the high standard we would like it. If we end up with anything over this target, it will be invested into making the film even better and it would cover paying for entry fees to film festivals.


Thanks for taking the time to read about our film and any donations are hugely appreciated!


Andrew & Crew.