Hardboiled Show

We are looking to promote start our own online radio station to promote djs and music offering funders their show.

We are looking  to start our own online radio station...and give DJs the chance who invest in us and join us the chance for their own show and promotion online with us.

We presently produce a voluntary  electronica radio show with permission from  www.futureradio.co.uk

We are looking to gain funds to sponsor our own show so we can offer airtime to DJs.

The hardboiled show 107.8fm

 What we are trying to achieve ?  

Music industry  marketing and sales.

DJs are at the heart of our show,

the internet distribution is great ,but we at The Hardboiled show also have airtime  at our disposal through our voluntary work.

Combination of  enthusiasm and passion ,

  • adverstising revenue and event profits would be ploughed into the project to create longevity and continuity,,as well as creating  new opportunities for  DJs.

Attracting audiences, fans and commercial  interest to project,  would attract a wider more professional appeal to the project. Social enterprises are the way forward ,which is  the ethos of the music mindset.

Then eventually gigs,events and promotions would help fund this machine further and and give a further quality promotion to all involved.