The Hair and Beauty Company

We are about good, natural skin and hair care products which are affordable for everyone. 100% natural, even down to the preservatives!

Hi there and thanks for clicking on my project!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Madalyn and I have a dream - to develop good, natural skin and hair care products which are affordable for everyone. I have always had a true passion for hair and beauty, and so far I have got as far as developing a lot of my website, registering as a limited company, buying my domain ( and writing out all of my wonderful recipes for my products in a beautiful sparkly notepad. I decided to persue this dream after having a little girl and wanting to be someones inspiration.

Proud to be offering something different:

  • Every product will be 100% natural, even down to the preservatives and packaging I have chosen. I don't believe in putting chemicals onto our bodies.
  • A lot of products which use only natural  ingredients out there can be very pricey, so I am determined that every product developed by The Hair and Beauty Company will be incredibly affordable.

Here is my website so far - please note it is not yet finished or published, and I am always updating it! The pictures you may see for the products are just stock images as I have not yet photographed them!

100% of money donated will go towards:

  • Purchasing the ingredients including essential and carrier oils, natural butters such as shea, mango and advocado butters, waxes and more
  • Ordering supplies such as packaging, bottles and jars
  • Launching the website
  • Attending fares and opening our own stalls
  • And other bits and pieces in order to fully launch my business.

Thank you for reading and being a part of my success story.

- Madalyn x

Please note your rewards will not arrive in the post until I have launched fully as a business (by the beginning of November)!