The Gift Of Christmas - Living With Dementia

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The Gift Of Christmas - Living With Dementia

Living With Dementia all started after by Nan passed after enduring 5 years of vascular dementia... But that's now. this is then..


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Living With Dementia all started after by Nan passed after enduring 5 years of vascular dementia... But that's now. Here is a little bit of detail.

My Nan was named June Day, an extraordinary woman. June had 3 children and a loving husband that cared for her very much since the day they met (aged 16 at the time).

June… My nan used to look after me when my mother went out to work. My dad was an alcoholic and rarely had any input into the nurture and mental growth of my two sisters and I.

She was a life boat in our stormy seas, she kept us motivated and in check with moral discipline. My grandad owned his own business and had great pride in calling us his grand kids, and her his wife.

I took heed in their lessons in life and went off to join the British Army, every day I thought of how they had impact in my life and felt thank full that they had made me into the man I was then.

So, this is when it all started. My nan started acting ‘odd’ and not one of us in the family were ready for what was about to hit us next. June had always gone through a list of the family before she actually arrived at your name but this was different.

It started with a “you didn’t tell me this” to her not remembering our names anymore.

My grandad, a well-respected business man looked after his child hood sweetheart. He would bathe her at 05:00 and dress, feed and take her to his office every day because “She is my wife and I love her”.

Sadly, Brian (Grandad) passed in his sleep during my phase 2 training within the army, this had made a deep impact on the whole family and more so June.

Nan (June) declined in mental health terribly and to the point of agitation when she was in unfamiliar places. On the day before my grandad’s funeral I was polishing my army boots in the garden, nan sat next to me smiling.

She talked of a conspiracy from the rest of the family, an idea she had that she thought my sisters and mother were going to throw her in a home and forget. I told her that this would never happen and that she is loved by all of us.

It got to the point where she could no longer work the process of making a cup of tea and could not dress without help anymore, June had rapidly declined and the stress rippled through my mother and family.

We reluctantly placed nan in a care home so she would be given the 24/7 care she deserved and needed. In this time, she made friends, laughed and sang. My deepest regret was thinking that now she is in a home and does not remember, I no longer should see her.

How wrong I was in this. I lead to the point of this project ladies and gentleman and the idea of Living With Dementia.

Diagnosis is not the end, people living with dementia are still smiling, still laughing, singing and dancing.

They might not recognise your name or face anymore but … hell, you can still laugh, dance and sing with them.

The Gift Of Christmas is a lesson to teach everyone that no one has to be alone at Christmas or any time of the year, it’s as simple as making extra chicken stew and taking a pot to your elderly neighbour.

We have three care homes in Wolverhampton that will be receiving gifts this Christmas time (from us) and there is 150 ladies and gentleman that we want to hug and produce a gift to.

We need help for this to happen, we have the backing of Waitrose as so we can set up a stand in their shop and have been broadcasted on various radio and newspaper platforms.

We need you to help now!

Living With Dementia ( helps over 1,200 people that are living with or around the disease. We now want to move it from a non-profit organisation to a registered charity.

Help, Please…