The Enigma Killer short film saga

The Enigma Killer short film saga

I will use any money donated to fund such things as props, paying actors, locations, travel expenses and other payments needed.

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Aims and ideas. 

I aim to film everything on my original Hitachi vhs movie recorder. Therefore footage will be raw and staticy. This is the aim of the piece, to create an oddessey of a fictional serial killer. It will be an 18 rating as it will contain graphic material, profanity and sexual imagery.


I’m taking my main inspiration from the August underground film series, as that documents the exploits of a band of killers. Also in themes and imagery, Henry: portrait of a serial killer. The character of the enigma killer will loosely follow similarities to that of Henry Lee Lucas in the titled film. Big in the underground horror scene is Phil Stevens, as of 2015 he made a really interesting experimental film called flowers, to which he funded and was successful in reaching his target audience. As of all it will be a series of shorts compressed into one long snuff film. 

Please remember this ain’t real, no one will get hurt. Cheers all the best.