The Education of Sarah Snowdrop

The Education of Sarah Snowdrop

To send my daughter to The Moray Steiner School

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To send my daughter to The Moray Steiner School

About the project

I love this kid. She's bright and funny and full of life. She loves the whole world and still thinks everyone is wonderful. This kid has had six schools and she's only twelve. The latest bother is her reading. She reads adult fiction, contemporary women's fiction to be precise. She loves it. But that means she's excluded from her class activity because the set text holds no interest for her. Currently in Literacy she has chosen to read Lord of The Flies, as a compromise.She wanted to study The Panopticon by Jenni Fagan but the school said it wasn't suitable.

I raised her all by myself. We have no family support. I believe this kid deserves a chance at an education that suits her, an education that will encourage her to learn, at her pace and challenge her to think. I am volunteering on an organic farm, just to cut back on food costs and I have taken on a new job and more work. I hope some of you out there can help me with this.

Sarah Snowdrop grew up with authors and poets. She ran free in nature. She knows birds eggs, wild flowers and all the different types of cloud cover. She has a genuine love of science, especially chemistry and music. Steiner education is based on the individual child, not what the Government expects a child to be. it is my belief that Sarah Snowdrop is ideally suited to Steiner. Please help me with this.