The Defender Dream

The Defender Dream

To be able to get onto the defender owner ladder

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 14th Dec 2016 our project closed

Lets cut through any rubbish, I have had a dream of owning a defender since I was a kid and since Land Rover announced the end of the defender I cried and cried. 

I continued crying watching the prices rocket and now they are online for silly money.

As silly as it is I have worked my ass off for months but am still £500 off buying one that I could drive home.

This is a desperate plee for the 500. If you have £2 that could go toward putting a smile on my face for most likely the rest of my life, creating adventures and really enjoying being involved, learning and maintaing a defender than I thank you.

The photo is of the one I am £500 away from.

I hope the land rover community see me as an innovator not just a bloke after cash.

You're all legends.