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Hello everybody I'm Suzy am starting my own cake business The cake fairy from a very young age I became interested in baking and having my own business from helping my mum in the kitchen baking cakes to helping my grandad with his 3 businesses though I was only young I remember sitting in my grandads office pretending to answer the telephones. As I got older I went into a career of Health Care becoming a Care Assistant.Though I was still baking on my days off I use to take my cakes into the nursing home for the staff and residents and they all loved them.  So I decided to turn my cake making into a successful businesss.

I've recently just learnt how to do my taxes, I'm very postitive and excited about my business. I've had alot of feedback about my cakes the way they taste and look all postitive.

The things I will be planning for my cake business are as follows

  • Cakes for birthdays, weddings,baby showers etc
  • Cupcakes
  • Chocolate Eclairs, Cake donuts
  • Clients can order there cakes via phone text,email. The website, or my facebook cake fairy page.
  • The website will have a drop down menu so they can choose there own fillings and flavours.
  • I would have a Cake Auction on my cake fairy facebook page bidding starts at £20.00 the highest bidder gets a the cake it's a good way to get more business.

Am planning a wide range of flavours and fillings what I'm finding is that chocolate fudge is the most popular I would also have Lemon, Vanilla, Jam, Cream, Coffee, Salted Caramel.

I have my food hygeine Certificate Level 2 that i need to have.

What am planning to do with the money raised

  • Get more cake equipment cake pans more moulds, fondant food colouring.
  • Go on a few courses as I'm self taught i need to brush up on a few things such as Royal icing and buttercream.
  • Get Liability Insurance
  • Get a website

I was diagnosed with IBS at 16 years old I've always struggled with being in pain and not being able to do things that others do I found cake making so relaxing and stress free stress and anxiety bring on IBS attacks since I've started doing my cakes nothing not one attack while doing them.

The cake business is big at the moment due to different tv shows, I've already had alot of enquiring about my cakes at the moment I can make for friends and family and a pay as you feel cafe I donate my cakes too.

I've got most of the  equipment I will need  that I have been buying over the years, got Edible printer to put photographs on to cakes. an airbrush kit cake moulds, mixer, etc.

Thankyou for taking the time to read my project and a huge thankyou if you donate It means alot to me that people belive in me.

Suzy (The Cake Fairy)