The A-Toasties

Hi, Do you like toasted cheese sandwiches? How about street food? well your in luck! but how about eating it next to the iconic A-Team van?

  • "In 2016, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the London underground. Today, still wanted by the government they survive as soldiers of food. If you have a hunger, if no one else can help, and if you can find them....maybe you can hire The A-Toastie."

    Hi there, And thank you for looking at my page.

I am 32 years old and have struggled finding work for quite some time because of mental health, not allowing it to affect my day to day life I am looking to take things to another level. So am looking to create something with your help.

This is a new venture setting up a buiness, so is your chance to help someone from the ground up and follow the progress, If you like my idea and would be interested in becoming an investor then by all means get intouch with your proposal.

I am looking at getting into not only one of the fastest pace enviroments, but also one the the most rapidly growing industries in the UK!

Street food since 2014 has risen 300% and is still growing, and its not just startups, no, its existing restaurants wanting to get thier food out and about.

In an industry that is growing so rapidly and with all the competition How would you get noticed?

The answer would be simple if I could get a loan or had the money to at least secure the pièce de résistance, being the van. This is not just any van, nope this is the 1988 G10 Chevy shorty van, or better known as the A-Team van. The reason for the special effort is really to have free advertising!

men women and children taking pictures of the van and uploading ontosocial networks with the A-Toastie logo and time table, Is more comercially savy than purchasing ad space myself. So although alot of money, it will pay for itself over and over again.

Now they do not exist over here and so I need not just to purchase it which isnt where the majority of the cost is infact the van ranges from £2100-£3000 the rest of the money is broken down into:

This is based on a van costing £2100 ($2750). 

The rest of the money will be to have a new paint job and maybe some of the interior fixing but it is really the exterior that people will see.

Another chunk will be used to secure a trailer I will be cutting costs by buying an already converted trailer and starts at £4500-£7000and are in  the Uk so no fees to b e added except the equipment I need for my toated sandwhich business.

£5999 ono
WILKINSON STAINLESS STEEL CATERING TRAILER VGC LPG Carlisle, Cumbria A Stunning 14' Wilkinson Catering Trailer/Burger Van* Excellent Condition * Not To Be Missed * Bargin.!! £5999 ono in Carlisle Cumbria, England well looked after Wilkinson Catering Trailer.! As you can see from the pictures this van has had no money spared and been done to the highest standard in a swirl stainless steel throughout the van and comes well equipped to get you up and started straight away This trailer was made from wilkinsons and cost over £30.000 so please no timewasters. The trailer comes with the following included: A 3 BURNER" Parry hot plate, A double parry chip fryer, 4 pot Parry bae Marie,2 GLASS WARMER CABINETS WALL FIXED (£650 eac rrp) All are LPG separate wash Sinks hot cold running water , Gas Boiler and water pump Big built in gas Parry Tea Urn, under counter fridge 6.5 kw genarator also 2 full gas bottle Plenty of storage and fitted shelf, New lights just fitted, 2 under counter double sockets that are wired to a breaker fuse board 12v leasure battery for the water pump for the hot & cold running water Electric lead to hook from van to a generator, Duel gas hook up point, holds both gas bottles which is easy to switch over, All trailer lights working, Comes with 2sets of keys for everything you need. Been rewarded 5Star Hygiene Rating.

The main equipment I will need help to purchase that isnt allready in the trailer are the presses and swing raclette grill.

The cost of equiptment is:

Lincat Lynx 400 Electric Twin Panini Grill LPG2 = £449

Swing Raclette Grill  = 149

I Thank you for reading, I will update with videos and pictures as I progress.

The menu is going to be simple as to start with I am going to be on my own or maybe can get a friend to help.


Enjoy sharp cheddar cheese with rich, house-smoked BBQ pork, our proprietary recipe for Southern macaroni & cheese and caramelized onions on French bread.

A refreshing, yet rich sandwich featuring sun-dried tomato whipped goat cheese with caramelized mushrooms, fresh arugula and drizzled with our balsamic syrup. Served on hearty 9 grain bread.

For those days when you need an extra shot of comfort, you need this sandwich! Melty sharp cheddar cheese oozing between a layer of fresh macaroni and cheese on crisp French bread.

Dip your crispy, cheesy French Onion Melt into piping hot onion soup broth for a decadent and comforting experience! Gruyere cheese with onion soup compote between Parmesan crusted French bread.

Both sweet and savory, this sandwich melts double cream brie around juicy, sliced pears, fresh Thyme and toasted almonds. Drizzled with wildflower honey on cranberry walnut bread – you’ll wonder if it’s an entree or a dessert!

There will be hot and cold drinks also available, and I am ordering to test a special cheese which I think will leeve all cheese fans wantring more, its utterly devine in texture and taste and is  raclette-style cheese.

I darent spoil the surprise as it is going to be my surprise cheese along with many others as a cheese board to those who hellp and pledge £500+.

Thank you for reading and I do hope I have inspired you to help me