Fund Short Film

Aston Munslow

My aim is to raise £300 to make a short film that I have scripted over the past two years! When I have done this, I will be able to enter it into film festivals and present it as my showreel to people in the industry! It would be a major benefit to me as I aspire to become a filmmaker in the future.

This is to raise £300 to fund my latest project, a 15-minute psychological thriller that I've scripted. To cover costs such as makeup, costume, effects, camera hire, travel, props etc. This all comes to roughly £300 although it would great to over achieve my goal! 

The story starts from a lonely hitchhiker's point of view, who is picked up by a troubled and bruised woman. As we get to know more about each characters opposite but yet parrellel lives, we slowly uncover more about inner motives of the driver.