Terroir Bistro

I'm launching my dream Bistro in Derby cooking amazing food from what our county has to offer, Can you help? Great rewards, come an see!

I am a designer, livestock farmer and chef, I have spent the last ten years working to promote local food by both rearing livestock and by helping people learn more about local food and making it more widely available and affordable. I have a business plan to launch a local food bistro in Derby.

The idea is simple, I want to source all my ingredients from local smallholders and farmers and will celebrate that in the cooking and marketing of the Bistro. I want customers to enjoy well cooked simple food while knowing they are eating local and supporting local suppliers.  The Bistro will be called Terroir, from the French for soil and a term used to describe the land, the ecology and the climate in a particular region, I think the name is strong and expresses what I want the Bistro to be about.

I have located premises which with a little improvement here and there would be perfect, I have some cash to secure the premise but could really do with an injection of capital to refurbish and launch the business.

I have experience of catering for large groups and also busy service in a commercial setting. I have endless recipe ideas and can be creative with ingredients. I love to cook, to feed people and I'm a good host. I hope you can help me achieve my vision. 

I don't expect you to hand over your hard earnt cash with out something in return, so I'm offering vouchers to the value of your gift to spend in the Bistro. What better way to say thank you than cook for you!