TechWind UK LTD Help Us Grow Fund

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TechWind  UK LTD Help Us Grow Fund

We are a small company with big ideas , 

We are a small company with big ideas , 

We aim to provide a quality service to our clients aswell as building a good relationship with them , we can provide manpower and even dedicated teams of highly skilled and competent technicians to suit the clients every need, 

at the moment i am running this business from my home and it is now becoming harder to make it work with limited space and a baby girl on the way, 

with very limited funds as I have used my own money to fund this venture I am now looking for help to secure funding to allow me to rent premises for an office until such time where i can fund this on my own , 

Securing an office will allow me to seperate my working life with my home and will also allow me to hire new staff and also allow my company to grow in this industry . 

We want to provide jobs for everyone that struggles to get into the industry or has trouble holding down long term employment and allow them to grow with us as a company , we want to be able to put people into training to allow them to have the best possible chances their career also.

we want to make a difference in this industry and with your help we believe we can , we just need you to believe in us too .

Thank you so much