Team Angie!!

this page has been set up for Angie, so she can be allowed to grieve without the pressure of immediate return to work x

Sadly Angies fiancé Luke Gilbert sadly passed away recently. There has been an overwhelming show of support from friends and family. It's times like this when we all reflect on our lives and count our blessings. The ripples of Luke's life have spread far and wide touching a lot of people. In his passing there is a lot of loss. His parents have lost a Son. His Sister has lost a Brother and many of you have lost a friend. Angie had lost her life parter, her fiancé.

It is during these times heartbreak, during these moments when we realise how fragile life is, that we can all stand together and support one another.

This page has been set up to accumulate funds for Angie, to help her through this tough time without the financial worries of having to go back to work, giving her the space and time to grieve.

A Let's show Angie the support she has shown Luke over the last year. If you feel moved enough to do so please donate what you can.

Love and peace x