Tea and Therapy

Holistic health combined with herbal health benefitting teas - wanting to open up a health inspired deli

So in short I have spent the majority of this year retraining in holistic health, experimenting with health benifitting teas and working towards my level 3 in anatomy and physiology to enable me to get my reflexology qualification. The ultimate goal is to combine the health benifitting teas with the holistic massage - hello Tea & Therapy. I would like to set up a Holistic Deli that people can come to to receive a treatment and learn/purchase what foods can compliment their health, illness or to simply try something new. I've ran a few tea trials and had some amazing results with people suffering from IBS and skin conditions. (See website and blog for more details). I must admit that some of the teas tried so far have been quite hard to stomach so I've also been experimenting with herbal iced teas using natural sweetners and organic fruits and vegetables with some great results (and some not so great) and I've even used some in food (using a broth added to stews, porridge and baked goods) below are a few pictures of what Ive concocted in the kitchen...

Ashwaganda Tea with Ginger Termeric & Honey

Ajwain Infused Tea, Ajwain Porridge & Ajwain Lamb Tagine (tastes very much like thyme)

Andrographis Tincture - couldn't stomach this as a tea (known as King of bitters) 

There's loads more blogs and trials on my website as well as my Instagram page - clarepenrose teaandtherapy