Taste Traveller - The hunt for the perfect wine!

We hunt out the 12 best bottles of wine a region has to offer, pack them into a beautiful, wooden wine box and send them to you!


At TasteTraveller our mission is simple.

Unlike most wine clubs, we don’t deal in hundreds of bottles.  

We simply hunt out the best 12 bottles of wine a region has to offer, pack them into a beautiful, wooden wine box and send them to you!

Bordeaux  Recent visit to Bordeaux


With thousands of wines to choose from, it’s easy to keep picking the same ones from the same place month after month but we all know we’re missing out on a world of great tastes out there.

So we decided to embark on an amazing journey to sort out the best from the rest.

It’s easy to find a great wine if you’re prepared to pay top dollar for it but our goal is to search out what we believe to be the 12 most amazing, incredibly tasty reds and whites at an affordable price and bring them home to enjoy.

Month by month, case by case you’ll travel with us on a voyage of wine discovery across the world.  


Beginning with Northern France and delivered in time for Christmas, we’re taking the TasteTraveller experience across dozens of wineries, sampling hundreds of wines to bring back what we believe is the most terrific selection of everyday drinking bottles from across the region.

Tours, Northern France  Tours, Northern France

Not tied to any one supplier and guided only by a desire to hunt out the best, we’re passionate about finding and providing the best journey of wine discovery on the market.

Tasting in progress  Tasting in progress


A special case of wine deserves a special box and so we’ve created a beautiful vintage-style wooden wine box to house each collection.  Branded with the wine region it comes from and the date of delivery, it forms a fabulous, collectable souvenir of your TasteTraveller experience.


Every 3 months, beginning in December,  we'll assemble the 6 best Reds and 6 best Whites from the region we’re travelling through.

You can choose to receive:

THE RED CASE - contains 2 bottles of each red

THE WHITE CASE - contains 2 bottles of each white

THE MIXED CASE – contains 1 bottle of each red & white.

We then deliver your selection in a beautiful vintage-style wooden box to your door.

Each collection costs £99 (including free delivery)

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Our aim is bring you along on our journey of wine discovery, sharing our tasting experiences and getting to know the people and places that produce the wines we love.

Inside one of the wineries in northern Spain  Inside one of the wineries in northern Spain
Rioja region  Rioja Cellar

By film, blog, pictures and tweet, you’ll be able to see where we are and what we’re finding as we find it, knowing that not long after we’ve discovered an amazing bottle it’ll be making its way to you!

Come and join us on our journey of wine discovery today!