Tales of Heilotia

An Arts project Great Yarmouth, United Kingdom

Make Tales of Heilotia. It is Offline Open World 3D RPG game with some survival elements and dynamic environment.

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                  Hello ! My name is Aivars. But you can call me "Felisibia". I am indie game developer.  Currently working on Tales of Heilotia. So what is Tales of Heilotia ?

        Tales of Heilotia is Offline Open World RPG game set in medieval period for  platforms Windows/ Mac. If there will be demand I will make Online multiplayer version in future.  You will be able to discover mystical world full of treasures,  face great evil  in 3 dungeons, make your own destiny, fight for beloved ones, experience world that reponds to your decisions. 

        You play as mage called Amareteus -  husband of Heilotia.  She has  been kidnaped by old "fallen" king Domus and its starting point for your journey to save her or msybe not. 

P.S. This game is Open world so you as player have choise to fallow story line or just explore world your own way. 


        3 years ago king Domus tried to slave his people because he wasn't happy how much gold and food they gave to him and his army despite fact, that they worked day and night to keep gold coming and to have food for themselves and his army. He went to North Sekandria and people there stood against his wishes and Civil war started. After killing people and destroying North Sekandria he went to South Sekandria. Powerful wizard named Amareteus was the one who stood against king and challenged him to duel. King refused and fight started. Almost all people of Sekandria died in Civil war. Amareteus, his wife and couple other's survived. King lost his army and has been told "not to come back". 

Ideas and how they should work. 

  •   Fast combat ( intense combat - not burning boss for hours like in many big MMOS )
  •   Day/Night cycle for more dynamic atmosphere
  •   World that responds to player decision (Destiny system) 

     Combat system - based on hot - key system but there is no "one key for all combos"(You aim and  reaction matter's.

     Day/Night cycle - Be careful you never know what is out there ! (You could use night for activities that doesn`t involve combat - like crafting. At Day of course you do your job, make your destiny.

     Destiny system - For example if you  start important part of story quest there is two possible results :

  • You finish quest,  get rewarded and Destiny  engine take action( Nr 1 ) based on your success.
  • You don`t finish quest and Destiny sytem take action (NR2) based on your failure. 

   More detailed concept update will come out soon. 

       It doesn`t matter if we reach the goal or not - I will deliver game at its deadline. So thank you for any support. Deadline will be - 1 of October 2017.

What is going on? 

  • Half of Environment  is finished.
  • Most of characters are created


So there is some expenses. Lets look at them. 

  • Licenses ( 40 %)
  • Equipment ( 20%)
  • Art work (like animations - 40 %)  

                                                          How you can contact me and get more information

               For more images and updates you can check my website - heilotia.hol.es