tafoukt 1

tafoukt 1

we are raiseing funds for pre development on our second project in morocco , our first project is under due diligence with a buyer now ,

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This project is our second in morocco , we have started to develop solar farms in morocco and this is 300mw in size , we have potetial buyers lined up for this but we dont have the funds to get all permits needed and so on ,.

We have allready started this process and are around 10- 12 weeks away from finailzeing this and starting the sale.

this project will employ over 200 local people in morocco , a country that is developing fast and people need jobs ! it will also help reduce the over all price of electricty in morocco as they now inport over 97% of their energy from other countrys .

 please contact us for futher infomation , as there is to much for this section alone . info@partnersprojects.com