Installation of solar PV panels at our Farm will help us become more environmentally sustainable and help to reduce our running costs.

Who are we?

Swansea Community Farm, a 3.5 acre oasis set on the outskirts of Wales' second largest city, is the only city farm in Wales and enables people growing up in a city to learn about animals, where their food comes from and about the environment around them.  Our Farm was built by our most valuable resource, our volunteers, who give their time, energy, enthusiasm and skills to keep our Farm running smoothly.  As well as being home to many rare breed animals, such as Llanwennog sheep, Welsh Harlequin ducks and lots of chickens, doves and pigs, we work with over 1,800 people on our projects and are visited by another 10,000 people each year. 

For more than a decade the Farm has been a fantastic resource for the people of Swansea and is now being visited by projects from around the UK and abroad to learn more about what we have done at the Farm.  As a charity we are finding it increasingly harder each year to obtain funding, and the installation of solar panels will enable us to save money, help us to grow over the coming years and become more sustainable in every sense.


Background Information

Since 1998 we have been gradually developing our grounds and buildings not only as a place of refuge for wildlife, but as a place for people to escape the hurly burly of city life.  Environment sustainability has been at the heart of the Farm's development and we demonstrate a wide range of sustainability and nature conservation management techniques on our fully accessible site.  

Our site includes paddocks for rare breed animals (we are a working farm - meat regularly for sale), a community orchard, a wildlife garden, a wildlife pond and bog garden, compost demonstration area, thousands of hedgerow trees, allotments, an apiary (bees!), and a woodland copse.  We also help manage neighbouring woodlands with our local school and Cadle Heath nature reserve with Swansea Council.  We also deliver accredited training in Nature Conservation Skills, Food Growing Skills and Cooking Skills. 

Our buildings include rainwater harvesting, underfloor heating, recycled and natural fibre insulation, sunpipes, certified timber and many and varied water conservation features.  In 2005 and 2010 we were awarded the Sustainability Swansea Community Award and in 2012 launched the first ever Sustainability Week for Wales!

What we want to do with the energy grant from M&S?

We have long wished to add sustainable electricity production to this list of environmental achievements.  We already boast a couple of solar panels which improve the efficiency of our heating system, but the installation of PV solar panels will be a leap forward for the Farm, enabling us to create our own electricity and generate income which will be put back into the running of our fabulous Farm. 

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But we cannot do this without your help.  Your vote will help to make our dream become a reality, so please vote for our project. 

Thank you, diolch yn fawr!