Svetlana and James' Hike for Homeless Animals

Hiking 100 km in 5 days in the Altai Mountains to raise money for homeless animals in the region

New stretch target

All the money will go to Predannost to support their current activities

Project aim

Hiking 100 km in 5 days in the Altai Mountains to raise money for homeless animals in the region

About the project

In July, James and I are undertaking our first big hike in the Altai Mountains aiming to cover 100km in less than a week and despite the strong chance of becoming a week's worth of meat for a family of bears, we aim to raise funds for the SPCA Predannost in my home town Biysk.

Both James and I love animals. Cats in particular have been a big part of our lives. Every time I go back to visit my family in Russia, it is unbearable to see so many homeless animals treated irresponsibly and badly by people.

For the moment, there is no animal welfare legislation in Russia. There is no culture of sterilising, vaccinating or de-worming pets. Pet breeding is not regulated. This causes overpopulation and diseases. As a result, tens of thousands of cats and dogs are abandoned every year and die of hunger, illnesses, cruelty and severe weather conditions. Stray animals are treated as vermin or rubbish. There are mass killings of dogs by poisoning or other horrific methods by local authorities and so called "dog hunters". Thousands of cats are sealed and left to die from thirst, starvation and lack of air in the basements of apartment blocks. This is a result of bad local laws which are executed without any care for the animals.

Predannost is the first SPCA in Biysk and it is incredibly difficult for them to promote an increase in the animal welfare standards without any help from the government. Therefore, we are trying to raise some money to help them continue their kind work. We would be immensely grateful for any donation you can make.

Thank you for your support.