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I am a student who is half way toward obtaining a Microlight (Private Pilots Licence) PPL.  A Microlight is an aircraft that can carry up to 2 people and is one of the most affordable and increasingly popular forms of practical private Air travel available.  In the future i plan to become a Assisted then Cetified flying instructor. Looking at  the current trends, there is and will be for the foreseeable future a demand for CFIs/AFIs especially in the southeast.      So far i am nearly at solo standard (with the much appreciated assistance of a Bursary from the British Microlight Aircraft Association and a Top notch Insructor) 

To get to the next stage of my training and build hours cost effectively i need to buy a share in a Aircraft and to do this will need More than £3k.  so far i have a handful of funds saved but progress is slow. The Funds i am asking for are to help get monies for a share wich in the forseable future may hopefully lead to a job.                                                                                      

If you do decide to help fund me i give you a most heartfelt thank you.

If you are the type of person who looks or adventure, a trip to france for the day or simply wants to have a relaxed flight over the Beautiful British countryside then pop down to your local airfield and book a flight, you will love it. 

To find Out More about what a Microlight is and The Requirements i am aiming for look at the links below. 

Instructor Syllabus 

British Microlight Aircraft Association  


Thank you


Zivan Bruce


Image is of Bodiam Castle from the Air.