Surgery for injured puppy in freak accident.

Surgery for injured puppy in freak accident.

Pay the vet bill for a puppy to have part of his tail amputated after a freak accident while playing.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

A newly acquired puppy, Alfred,  was playing with my son and in a complete freak accident, managed to amputate the top half of his tail. He has been seen by an emergency vet last night which cost me over £200 and now is being operated on tomorrow to remove the rest of the damaged part of the tail. The surgery costs will be over £500 and on top of the £200 already spent, I am struggling. I am a single parent who is just about to sit my exams to start earning again after the collapse of my online shop over Christmas. Things wouldn't have been so bad if my car hadn't been done in by upstanding members of society a few weeks ago while parked in a public car park, which needed to be paid for. 

He is a beautiful lab/collie/springer cross dog who just loves cuddling and is best friends with my son. We had arranged to have him insured after the day of his neutering and chipping at the end of the month as it was more affordable, but obviously, that's never how things work out. 

I am looking into the possibility of having him rehomed as I am no longer financially stable and cannot as of right now, give him the life I promised him when I took the commitment, but his attachment to my son and his back to the dog is overwhelming and it's breaking my heart. But sometimes that is just the way life is and the decision has to be made, no matter how hard, for the welfare of the animal. 

So far, I am unable to get clarification if I can rehome while injured but the vet is urging to have the surgery done as soon as possible as obviously he is in pain and his tail badly damaged. They have allowed me to pay 10% upfront tomorrow and cover the rest over a limited time. 

I don't even know how much of this makes sense or what else I can say. I am just back from the vet and sitting in shock at the cost of it all and in all honesty, humiliated that I can no longer provide for him at this time.

He is having to be kept in a cage right now as he is very hyper and excitable and the more he wags his tail the worse it all gets.