Supporting education in the 'Jungle'

Supporting education in the 'Jungle'

Lambeth teachers raising money to take much-needed educational resources out to Calais to help educate the children in the refugee camp.

They did it!

On 23rd Feb 2016 we successfully raised



57 backers


28 days

Lambeth teachers have already been working to get essential supplies to the Calais camp. Now, with support from other local trade unions, a group of local teachersĀ are giving up their half term to volunteer in Calais from 12 - 21 February. They will be teaching, helping to train teaching volunteers, running youth projects, workshops and volunteering in whatever way is useful. They are liasing with teachers already working in the camp to take much-needed educational resources with them. Money raised will pay for text books, exercise, art materials books, pens, pencils and other equipment requested by the makeshift schools operating in the camps. The children living in the 'Jungle' deserve an education. let's help to give them one!