Supporting Art by Looking Cool T-shirt for Uni

'And she shall wear art wherever she goes" printed Teeshirts to help fund Uni, materials and an exhibition.

Project aim

'And she shall wear art wherever she goes" printed Teeshirts to help fund Uni, materials and an exhibition.

About the project

I'm just about to go into my 2nd year BA Hon Illustration at Plymouth Uni. In order to help fund my final two years, and potentially an MA afterward.

Following a great response on my recently created instagram account for some of my teeshirt ideas.,I would now like to print them up as teeshirts which I could then sell. This would help fund the cost of travel to and fro from Exeter to Plymouth, art materials and books.

In two years time,  as part of my degree I would like to hold an exhibition at a gallery in Exeter. All this costs varying amounts of monies and I need to start to plan and make money toward all of this of this now.

Possibly after 2017 I should like to carry on for another year by finallising with an MA, which of course wont be funded with a Student loan or grant. The course costs £9000 per annum. So I thought to start a small business in selling teeshirts with my designs to supplement the short fall and more.

I would like to buy a second hand DTG (direct to garment) printing machine. These are about £6500 and up to £12,000 but I'm hoping to pick one up on ebay for hopefully about £2500 t £3000 plus the inks'll cost about £200. Then there is the cost of the teeshirts themselves that I am offering for pledges. I'm selling tees on my website for £35 and here I'm offering them for a pledge of £20. Anyone who pledges £10 can have any one of the designs laserjet printed on A3 and handsigned. I'm thinking that both are good value for either pledge. There is of course the option to pledge more or less. Perhaps a really big pledge would get you hanging out at my studio for the day and making your own teeshirt. Or we go for a day's worth of drawing and I give you pointers on technique and positive crit. Lets negotiate if you fancy that. 

Of course ANY of the designs can be put unto Lady's tees and children too.

As I'm designing new ones I'll keep adding them here. Watch this space as they used to say.

this one's for the cycle enthusiast