Support University of Surrey Fencing Club

Support University of Surrey Fencing Club

Fundraising for a metal piste enabling the University of Surrey Fencing Club to achieve our full performance potential.

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This project will only be funded if at least £2,000 is pledged by 2:51pm 21st December 2017

The University of Surrey Fencing Club needs your help to raise money for a much needed metal piste. Our premiership level teams compete at the highest level of BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport), however to host these high level matches a metal piste is essential. Please help us to enable our athletes to reach their full potential by supporting us in our campaign.

Who are we?

The University of Surrey Fencing club has four competing teams: two men's teams and two women's teams, all of which compete in BUCS. Our club is for people of all abilities, from complete novices right up to national level fencers who compete in the Commonwealth Games. We also have two experienced coaches who offer one-on-one lessons for all club members to help us reach our full potential.



What is a metal piste?

A piste is a piece of equipment we use to fence on. In fencing, like most other sports there are set playing areas and the piste defines these areas.

A metal piste is different to other types because it allows for easier movement and more reliable scoring. In fencing we wear electric wires which connect us to our scoring system (as seen in the picture below).  The aim is to hit the metallic areas of your opponent, and the metal piste allows more confident refereeing decisions because this piste, unlike others, is grounded, meaning that our scoring system won't light up if someone hits the floor. 


Why do we need the metal piste?

We have just been allocated the space at Surrey Sports Park to allow us to store a metal piste. Not only can we now compete at the highest level at home but we can now train with the appropriate equipment. With practice and experience on the metal piste, the likeliness of success will increase. 

With your support we will be able to host higher level competitions, compete to a higher standard and allow our fencing club to achieve its full potential.

What will happen with the money we raise?

The funds from your support will be spent in the following ways:


2000 - will allow us to purchase, with additional sponsorship support, one sectional piste.

Stretch targets

3000 - will allow us to purchase, with additional sponsorship support, both a sectional piste as well as a sectional piste trolley, this is the storage rack which is needed to accompany the piste. 

4000 - will allow us to purchase all of the above with no additional support!