Supplying Better Broadband to UK sme's

Providing SME businesses, schools and charities with high quality Broadband and Telephone line connectivity.

My aim is simple - I have been employed for over 15 years in the IT industry and many times have I seen businesses charged, sometimes by a high amount, for a broadband and telephone line service that is too high or over the top for what they need or require.

My aim is simple - I have partnered with a provider who pays me a flat rate commission for high speed broadband and telephone line.  It does not matter to me whether they take a flat line or a complete package.

However I need funding to get started so I can go to site and present to people the cost benefit and also run checks whilst onsite to ensure that they are on the right service (you dont get the large corporates doing that )

I am looking for £4000 to get started.  This will enable me to fund a new Tablet to take to site and also other associated costs with starting a new business from home.  If this works there are a lot of SMB in my area who will benefit (including my childs school).

Fingers crossed this simple but effective project will catch enough eyes (and donations) to take off the ground.  Thanks for reading and your support in advance.