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VerseTab is a social reading platform where writers create and share their amazing stories. These stories include poetry, short stories, articles, jokes and even novel excerpts.

Why we are needed

Creative writers are often looking for a medium to share their stories. It can be a bit laborious to set up and manage a personal blog.

There are story sharing sites that provide such mediums.

However, these sites make it difficult for writers to share short forms of literature. Writers are left intimated by the sheer amount of content needed to grow an audience on these platforms.

What we do

On VerseTab, writers can share their stories by creating new ones or importing stories from anywhere on the internet (blog, social media, online magazine etc).

Writers can also group their stories in form of lists to make their work more accessible. This is good for writers who write in multiple genres, themes etc. It is also suitable for writers to group chapters of a novel in one list.

VerseTab also allows writers and readers to follow their favourite writers. They can also read stories from the writers they follow on our platform.

VerseTab aims to build a community of creative writers and readers that love to read and share interesting stories.

In addition to our story sharing platform, we publish complete manuscripts from the writers on our platform under our sister-company, VerseTab Publishing.

We have published a total of 3 books since we launched this year, including 2 poetry and 1 short story collection.

The man behind the brand

Kelvin Osondu Raphael is the founder of VerseTab. He is a creative writer and professional digital marketing executive based in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

As an MSc Computing graduate with the passion for the art of writing, Kelvin identified a gap in the online writing community and created VerseTab to assist writers in growing their readership.

As a digital marketing executive with over 5 years of web design and digital marketing experience, Kelvin is capable of planning and executing effective strategies to grow an engaging community of creative writers and readers.

During his MSc degree programme, Kelvin was nominated for the Student Entrepreneur of the Year, due to his creative and innovative approach to tackling problems.

Sarah's Story

Since working closely with Versetab, I have gained not only positive feedback for my creative writing but I finally have the self-confidence needed to promote myself. Upon dipping my toes into the world of the publishing industry, I discovered that confidence was ‘key’, as they say, and that I didn’t have very much of it — or any completed stories. In my early travels in the digital realm, I learned that Facebook was “just okay” but Instagram, ironically owned by Facebook, was an oasis of musical creativity, word art, and book reviews. The community on that social platform is supportive, encouraging and post awesome book pictures. After following a plethora of literature related accounts—Versetab included in my first 50 “follows” I believe, I was invited to write a short story for Versetab’s very first Topic Writing Contest.

I had been struggling with a). completion, and, b). short stories, I often find it hard to condense awesomeness into 5000 words or less; the topic given was: Never Give Up. Those words have always resonated with me, like a mantra throughout the various low moments of life when one truly feels like giving up, but for me, thankfully, my survival instincts press me forward. Inspiration flowed from the purple ink of my pen and ‘THE MOON TREE’ was born. Not only was it the first story I’d completed in a few years (I’m a novelist at heart) it was a short story — less than a thousand words. Eagerly I submitted it to Versetab, and began sharing it on my media platforms. I managed 41 ‘likes’ and won the first contest. The second contest was an equally good topic and a superb writer won that one. The founder of Versetab, Kelvin, asked eight other authors and me to write short stories for Versetab’s first collection of short stories, ‘THE BITTER TASTE’. Naturally, I was honoured and wrote BOTTLES AND BASSLINES based off of my youth and the topic mentioned above; the dream of having a story published becoming a reality.

Thanks to Versetab’s knowledge of the industry, and marketing techniques, I’ve learned so many things over the past five months. Prior to finding Versetab, I struggled with confidence, motivation, and finding an audience. After writing Bottles And Basslines, Versetab asked me if I had any full-length stories completed, and offered me a novel contract, not just any novel contract but within the Fantasy genre — I still have to pinch myself. As a creative writing platform and independent publisher, Versetab has grown exponentially since I first began engagement with them in February of 2017, and I only see them growing further as they gain more support. Versetab offers a unique platform for poetry and prose to be showcased in the artistic glory it deserves while simultaneously offering a home for burgeoning story-tellers with diverse voices to find their footing in an over-corporatized world.

I would a thousand times over recommend any writer or poet to consider sharing their work through Versetab. Kelvin works tirelessly for his clients, and given the different time zones (I’m in Canada), I know he must be working some late evenings; it’s hard to find people these days willing to sacrifice their time after the regular 9-5 grind but Versetab and Kelvin offer support, a kind word, and learning opportunities any time of day. It has been an absolute pleasure working with him and I’m very grateful the universe deemed we cross paths

What we need

In order to grow our story sharing platform and publish more books, we are seeking the sum of £15,000.

This fund will be used to execute effective digital marketing strategies to grow our community on VerseTab.

A proportion of this fund will be used to hire professional editors to polish our manuscripts for publication. We strongly believe in giving our readers an enjoyable experience.

We believe no amount of pledge is too small to support our campaign. Your generosity and investment will be forever appreciated and rewarded.


We don't need to reach our target of £15,000 to be successful in this campaign. We get to take whatever we raise, so please don't feel reluctant to support due to our target. 


If VerseTab exceeds its target, Kelvin will consider hiring an intern or apprentice to increase the level of productivity of the business. 

Giveaway for Supporters

Each week during this campaign we will be giving away our designed T-Shirt titled "Live The Dream" to a lucky backer.