Stop slander & defamation of Labour members

After a failed Labour coup, some within the party who hold positions of power, are engaged in libellous slander and defamation of members.

After a failed Labour Party coup, some within the party, who hold positions of power,  are engaged in libellous slander and the defamation of party members; just because they suppprt Jeremy Corbyn.

Others engaged in this libel include: journalists, commentators and members of the political establishment.

Insults and slurs used include: Rabble, Trots, dogs, loonatics, deluded disciples, cultists, Jihadis, Nazi stormtroopers, weirdos, rent a mob, hard left, infiltrators, entyrists, bullies, yobs, vandals, homophobes, anti semitites and misogynists. This list is not exhaustive.

We are horrified and upset at the casual use of such language. Language that is offensive and appears to be weilded to deliberately defame, discredit, smear and or misrepresent hundreds of thousands of ordinary people engaged in politics.

I'm raising money for a small group of Labour party members, who are supportive of Jeremy Corbyn, who are determined to defend themselves and other affected by these libellous slurs. The money raised will fund legal cases against those who see fit to act in this libellous and irresponsible manner.