Stay Sane at Work Website

I am raising money to set up a website which will help people suffering from/recovering from workplace depression.

New stretch target

I would use any extra money raised to cover the costs of setting up the social enterprise and campaigning about workplace depression. 

I am trying to raise a small amount (£100) to set up a website for my social enterprise - Stay Sane At Work. After suffering from severe workplace depression on a number of occasions, I hope to set up a new social enterprise which helps people who have suffered from workplace related depression to either change career, re-enter the workplace or become self-employed. I also want to raise awareness regionally, nationally and internationally about workplace depression and help to prevent people from getting depression and stressed at work. 

The website would include a bank of resources to educate and help with different aspects of workplace depression (difficult bosses, excessive workload, bullying etc) and also online courses.