Stay Safe TV tackles huge social issues

Stay Safe TV is an online social impact community of experts sharing FREE content designed to support & motivate people around the world.

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Stay Safe TV is an online social impact platform designed to educate, motivate and empower users with a unique set of life skills to increase their safety, confidence, communication skills, stress management techniques, fitness, parenting skills, personal development and basic first aid skills.   

We have and are continuing  to develop a community of knowledgable and experienced experts in their chosen field who have agreed to share their content with users of the site. Located around the world, our carefully selected content providers experience a rigourous screening process to make sure the content is suitable and proven.

Our main object is to provide effective and practical support to those experiencing both emotional and physical trauma (bullying and domestic violence for example), a skills shortage such as confidence and self belief, our emergency front line staff who face safety concerns daily and those wishing to self improve both physically and mentally.

PLEASE NOTE - Whilst supporting vulnerable people is a huge motivation for us, providing a positive interactive experience where users can access high quality human development content is very important. As change makers, we want to use the site as a reflection of the positive and wonderful side of being human so be assured that the content broadcast will represent physical, mental and spiritual growth.

Stay Safe Bully - Practical solutions and advice to tackle bullying in schools and the workplace
Workplace Safe - Personal safety awareness solutions for the workplace
Personal Leadership - Powerful and effective personal development solutions for everyone
First Aid - Basic skills for young people and families that should be taught in schools
Parenting Skills - Practical tips and advice for parents - Behaviour management to family time
Stay Fit & Healthy -  Home fitness with health & wellbeing activites and weight management
Safe Women - Proven techniques to support women in staying safe and healthy

Stay Safe TV will also engage with users to conduct some powerful research into alternative solutions to social issues that affect communities everywhere. We are constantly being told that local and national governments are spending millions of pounds making us safer and better human beings and yet the statistics demonstrate otherwise. (A concept site with everything you need to know about Stay Safe TV and its objectives)

We are seeking financial support to develop the final version of the site and secure all of the infrastructure in place so that we can hit the ground running with a pledge to guarantee that at least 60% of the content within the site is completely FREE to all users and 100% of the content is FREE to victims of bullying, domestic violence, workplace assaults, emergency service personnel, senior citizens and schools.