Statera Construction

Statera Construction

The average age of our 4 directors is 24. We need to show the funds that we are able to take on projects!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Statera Construction is a London based engineering firm headed by a team of young engineers and entrepreneurs with a combination of 20 years practical experience between them.

From conception to completion Statera Construction prides itself on offering both bespoke and cost effective solutions to the construction trade without compromising on quality.

All four of our directors come from immigrant families with no educational background. We're all the first in our families to have graduated and struggled to obtain jobs. When we did find jobs we were very underpaid and disillusioned with what we were sold when we went to university. All four of us still with live our parents and don't see that changing any time soon simply because of the trap that is known as the 9 - 5. 

We have knocked on doors relentlessly trying to obtain jobs we are qualified for, but it boils down to the fact that our age is a deterrant because we are so young. Hence we need the funds to show we are competant and have the financial backing to take up work.

We essentially desperately need these funds to fake it until we make it!