starting a business with a disability

starting a business with a disability

to start a business with having a disability and to give back to the nurses and doctors that saved my life

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello and thankyou for looking my project is to start a business customising cars as i was left disabled after a near fatal motorcycle accident 6 years ago and now trying to find employment is near impossible so i thought i would do this. Its a two way project as i want to build a car to start to the business to show my capabilities also to employ people to help and once completed auction off the car and donate the money to help the doctors and nurse at the hospitals that helped me by improving their staff/rest areas rather than a donation to the hospital as it seems more personal.

With the help of social media and written media i would hope the business would generate more work showing what we can acheive and hopefully employ enough people be it direct or in direct to make a difference in the local area, i can provide more information if required at . Any help financially will make a big difference im trying very hard to generate income and with personal savings i have purchased the car i wish to start the business with a donor car and i have secured premises to work from and now i need more funding to continue.

If it suits i would gratefully except a business loan which we could pay back on conpletion of the build but it would have a serious impact on the donation project yes it would still go ahead but at a longer timescale.

About me my name is Tony Bussey and from the age of 18 ive qualified in motor vehicles and been around them for now more than 25years. Due to my accident ive had to re learn things like walking and general movement as i had a brain injury due to a shattered schull but surprisingly as i had been told in reabilitation my technical abilities with vehicle was unaffected side of the brain, which now leaves me with the drive to repay those who helpled during and after my 3 month coma. As you may realise gaining employment is very hard with my issues so im trying to get started and feel i can give 110% as so easierly i may not have been so lucky.

An update on my plea i thought i was being helped by someone but i was right in suspecting a scam when a bank makes contact via email wanting a small sum before relising funds, why do people do this to those who want to better their life and helping others who helped them. I do wish there was an admin on this site that would pursue these con artists.