Springing Kids into Life

A Community project East Sussex, United Kingdom

Working to ensure that people are put before profits, delivering services which support children to become active fit and healthy!

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Project aim

Working to ensure that people are put before profits, delivering services which support children to become active fit and healthy! We would like to be able to provide 10,000 hours of physical activity for those who most need it.

About the project

Springing Kids into Life are a not-for-profit, community interest company and social enterprise with a mission. We belive that all children should be able to access a range of helathy activities out-of-school, before & after school and during the school holidays. All our services aim to increase participants understanding of how their bodies work, how you look after and maintain them and also what fuels are necessary, and what are not so good.

We are also working to develop all our provisions so they can be registered with Ofsted. This will allow them to be even more accessible! Childcare tax credits and childcare vouchers can then be used to access them.

In order for us to do this, we need to develop systems which can cope with the demand. We need to ensure that accessing services is as easy as going to school. We are providing services which we believe are essential, not just for those who can afford them. In order for us to continue to provide great value and offer subsidised places, we need help and are looking to raise money to contiue developing affordable and accessible provsions.

Ensuring acces for all is easier said than done. Registering our sites with Ofsted helps us to provide a service which not only demonstrates quality but essentially it reduces the cost of access. Through registering our sites, Childcare tax credits and childcare vouchers can be used to access our service. Those who are eligable to recieve childcare tax credits will be able to claim back up to 70% of the costs! This is means tested and will be on a sliding scale according to the information provided to the tax credits agencies.

This might sound like a small step in the right direction however, for the communities and parents who are working or looking for work, this is exactly what is needed. It ensures that parents can work full time hours with the knowledge that their children are safe in an enjoyable environment where they are learning and developing new skills which will help them in life.

Please help us to register even more of our provisions with Ofsted and help us to employ even more teachers, instructors, coaches and leaders to support children to adopt and embrace an active and healthy lifestyle.

This funding will ensure that we can subsidise 10,000 hours of service for children and families who most need it.

Thank you for you support. 

James Gardiner 

Managing Director 

Springing Kids into Life CIC