Sports eCommerce website - very promising business

Sports eCommerce website - very promising business

A website that will sell products sold by every sports club, but not yet online. And most importantly, in one single recognisable place.


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I have set up the company Half Time Winner Limited.

Although at this point I cannot absolutely state the products my site will sell, however it's important to say that every club sells them.

I once sold them for a club. Trouble is, if you want a Man United 'one' you may be able to get it online, but you have to go to their website and search for it.

If you want the same product, from a let's say, less prestigious club, well the only way to get it is to go to the club physically and buy it.

A club with an average attendance of 10,000 sells 3,000 of said product each week. You work out the number of clubs in the UK and do the maths.

And this is where my company aims to make money. Putting these products in one single market place to increase each clubs sales and make it easier for the consumer to buy.

Pictures this....

At the moment, many clubs sell cheese and crackers, but they haven't figured out a way to put the two next to each other. I can do that, and therefore when people buy cheese, they might just buy crackers too...and go home and make a beautiful lunch.

Furthermore, if the clubs did put these products together and sold on their site, only people from Leicester are going to buy Leicestershire cheese. Or only Man United fans will go to buy said product from their website.

Put simply, a single club only has their fan base to sell their cheese to, and smaller they are the harder this is (not actually selling cheese).

However put it on a site recognisable for selling that product, and hopefully someone from Yorkshire might buy Leicestershire cheese, or maybe someone from New York, Toronto and so on. Eventually cheese lovers all over the work will know and know it's the place to be to buy "cheese".

And each time a sale is made, we take a nice little bite of that cheese (commission).

Excuse the analogy but it makes my point.

So what do I have so far?

A Limited Company registered with companies house.

A key domain name, which will be recognisable amongst all sports fans once we're established. It's easy to remember and very relevant. I also own 5 other related domains so no issues there (.net,, etc)

Interest from top clubs wanting to feature.

Knowledge of the industry.

Me - I am determined and focused, have contacts in this industry, have done my research and I know this can work. The potential is massive. I'm talking world wide domination! Well eventually.

Why I need your help?

Start up costs are minimum but growing the business will take finance that I haven't got. Sure we can stroll along with 4/5 clubs on the site, but to offer this incredible service to more clubs I would need a completely different provider of my website - to ensure efficient service.

Also I'm a student and currently doing this from my bedroom. That doesn't mean it can't be done.

check us out at and @halftimewinner on Facebook and Twitter.

If you would like to learn more, please email me at

Please share and help us get the word out.

and of course, pledge today.

all contributions are appreciated.

Thank you,

Jamie Walmsley

Founder of Half Time Winner Limited