Sports Hub Sims

Put a smile back on the faces of Cumbria's flood hit Children & young Adults. Our Aim is to open Cumbria's first Sports Simulator attraction

Cumbria was hit by the worst floods in living memory, myself included in this. Thousands spent christmas out of their homes, relying on the charity of others through this terrible time. 9 months on & the drama still continues with less than 50% back in their homes. Sports Hub Sims is wanting to Put a smile back on the faces of the people of Cumbria, particulary the Children/young Adults who have been through so much.

Are aim is to open a Sports simulator business in the heart of the Border city, giving all ages a chance to try out the latest sports simulators including Golf/ Footgolf/Football & F1.

We also want to build a Crazy Golf course & incorperate & Cafe bar & a sports shop within the Venue.

We believe this venture will take off in a big way, there is nothing like it within the county & surrounding counties. Cumbria & South West Scotland is a vast space with a huge gap in the market. We believe this will go someway to filling that gap.