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Dear Reader, I WANT TO VOLUNTEER IN A PLACE THAT NEEDS MY HELP. Please sponsor me for the chance to be an international volunteer.

Dear Reader,

If you are looking at my page now, i am very grateful that you have come across this. For a while I have been looking for a way to find inspiration in the world, and to find motivation to do something in life.

My objective is to become a humanitarian activist/ internation volunteer and i want to do this full time.  I love people, and i love people that have problems because of the unstable world we now live in.  I struggle to find peace,  what to speak of people that are living in corrupt, confused and dangerous countries .  MORE VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED. NOT MANY MORE ARE PROVIDED FOR.

I have no money to become a UN volunteer because nobody will employ me to do this unless i have a milion degrees and loads of internatione experience.  I just have a passion and a dream and i hope its enough to be sponsored for my first experience at the UN as a volunteer in places that need my help.