Spirit Revival Festival

A festival for anyone for a love of music and supporting local bands and charity located in East Sussex that requires a bit of help to start

With all these big festivals with big names it's easy to forget that everyone comes from somewhere. There's so much talent and potential locally, so why not bring all of that together in aid of dementia uk.

Everyone has to start somewhere and I'm starting here. There's so much going on in our everyday lives that it's too often overlooked that there are people in the world out there suffering in a number of different ways. Money really helps charities like these make a difference. 

Dementia uk provide nurses and help families cope with dementia. So why this charity? Although dementia affects many, it isn't a normal part of growing old. Every year there are 7.7 million cases of dementia and there is simply no cure for it. Someone close to me suffered for years and watching it affect the people I hold close to me made me want to help others going through it in ways that on my own I can't, dementia uk is the answer to that problem. People with dementia lose who they are and what they know as well as who they know. It's like they lose their spirit.

Spirit Revival I'm hoping can be a way of raising money and awareness of dementia, but also help the people we call our community. It'll be a weekend where local bands can have their time to do what they love in the countryside of Sussex amongst other things that are being planned. And to know that we're relaxing and enjoying the weather, views, music and food all whilst helping a charity?! All at only £10 a ticket.  

Any form of donation would be hugely appreciated. I simply don't have the funds or people to make this happen and I really feel it could be a huge success and could go onto bigger things. As well as monetary donations, sponsors or ideas are also very much welcome! 

Any questions or queries please email ettietileyy@gmail.com 

(photo taken at a festival that started very similarly)