Buy a new car for Spinal Track

Buy a new car for Spinal Track

To buy a new car for Spinal Track- a not for profit company. We currently borrow a car and it would be hugely beneficial to have our own.

We did it!

On 8th Feb 2017 we successfully raised £5,415 with 22 supporters in 28 days

Spinal Track was set up by quadriplegic racing driver Nathalie McGloin and her boyfriend Andrew Bayliss to get those who drive with hand controls out on to the race circuits of the UK. Whether injured in an accident or disabled from birth, most disabled drivers don't have this opportunity. They can't just turn up and enjoy the same race circuit experiences like able bodied people can. The venue's cars aren't set up for disabled drivers and the beneficiaries cars are usually big cars/mpvs bought to fit wheelchairs and associated items - not suitable for track days.  

We are looking to buy a second hand VW Golf GTI and add the necessary safety features to make it a safe and reliable car - roll cage, racing seats, harnesses, stronger brakes etc. £15,000 will allow Spinal Track to do this and have a car that will give the beneficiaries the inspiration they need to live a more fulfilling life and give them the belief that anything is possible.

Spinal Track supply a suitable track prepared car (which is currently borrowed) and give each beneficiary a half day circuit experience with tuition for free. We rely on donations to keep running and having our own car would mean having twice as many beneficiaries to benefit from the experience. We have a long waiting list - currently well over a year. Spinal Track will be becoming a charity in early 2017 and we're incredibly proud of what we have achieved so far.  

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