Specialist mentoring for a young person

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Specialist mentoring for a young person

I am a social worker. I am working with a 14 year old girl with complex needs. I am hoping for support so she can access a mentoring program


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I am a social worker. I am working with a 14 year old girl who I have been working with for the last two years. D has complex needs due to witnessing domestic violence as a young child, she has recently been diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety. D has been to two secondary schools and is now in an educational support centre as she struggles i a classroom setting. 

D has difficulty with peer relationships and also relationships at home due to her difficulties. 

D has a strong interest in horses- we have found a local mentoring service run by autism angels which is a form of coaching working with horses to improve relationships, confidence and build social skills. The cost of a years sessions are £3500- we will be using her pupil premium and an additional £250 from a local charity but still need £ 2500 for her to do the programme.

this programme would benefit d enormously as well as including family work to improve relationships within the household. 

Thank you for your support