Sparta Cats Future

Sparta Cats Future

To clear the loan I took out to pay emergency vet bills and buy a specific diet food my cat needs to avoid serious health problems.

We did it!

On 22nd Apr 2017 we successfully raised £5 with 1 supporter in 56 days

Three days ago my beloved cat Sparta collapsed on my bed, he was completely unresponsive and lifeless. When he came around a few minutes later he started throwing up. 

I rushed him to the vets who discovered he had a blockage in his bladder and was seriously unwell. They rushed him off to have his bladder drained and run tests to find out what was happening. 

After three long days they finally were happy with his recovery and his test results showed he was recovering brilliantly with signs that he may have managed to avoid any lasting kidney damage. 

Unfortunately pet insurance was one of those things I kept meaning to get round to sorting out but didn't know which companies to trust and it just never got sorted. (If you have pets, trust me, go get insurance for them!) This left me with a vet bill of almost £1000! The vets weren't very helpful with sorting out a payment plan, I managed to pull together £250 within about half hour, but they told me to pay £500 or get a loan if I couldn't afford it. Yeah, not at all helpful! 

I managed to pull together a loan that wouldn't cripple me with interest and paid the bill. I just wanted to get my kitty home and safe. I've been graced with his company for nearly 6 years, since he was just a tiny dumped kitten brought to my door looking for a home. My daughters have never known life without him and the 3 days he was away were really hard on them both. 

To reduce the risk of him getting a blockage again it has been advised to keep him on a special urinary health food and the vet nurse advised me to look online as I might find it cheaper than at their prices. However it is still going to cost me around £60 a month for his food alone. That's alongside paying off the loan and providing for my children as well. 

I'm not one to ask for help usually, but I'm hoping that there will be people willing to help. As little as a £1 donation will pay for a pouch of food for him. And we are grateful for any donation that you are willing to give. 

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