Hey its Michelle here & I'm 28 and from Birmingham. Please help me spread some sparkle and shine along the way love SPARKLEBABS

Hi All, my name is Michelle & I'm 28 and currently based in Birmingham.

I am a freelance Glitter body painter that can add a extra bit of sparkle to your event or private function.

I have always had a bit of an obsession with glitter since day dot, and its been a long time coming that I got back to doing something that I love. Its only recently that I have been thinking more about making dreams - reality and doing something that makes me happy.

The idea of crowd funding is totally new to me...  so please forgive me if this isn't pitch perfect though I can promise it's from the heart.

So I suppose you will want to know a little about me I have struggled for a while due to illness. Things have been a little bit up and down which has made it quite difficult to have a structured routine with work and also a balance as I have had long term problems with my back due to injury.  I'm 28 and based in Birmingham at the moment but I quite like travel so don't be afraid to please drop me a line if you are looking to spread the sparkle afar.

I have always been passionate about being creative and the joy it can bring to others and the local community not only is it brilliant for uplifting your own mood.

I am a firm believer in a positive thoughts, positive mind... and I generally believe in the saying it's "nice to be nice" and the karma that it brings.

Its been a while since I've explored the creative route but spending the time at  this year and offering out Glitz & free sparkles to those around me or doing swaps with fellow traders has simply been rewarding for me. I have also been doing something that I love too which is fantastic. 

However I would now like to return to working freelance basis in the hope that it will create more flexibility and vastly improve my health with finding my own feet and creating routine that works for me. 

The aim is to provide an alternative creative expression at affordable prices for events and help to raise money for charities along the way. Charities I would like to help to raise for would be MIND, Help for HEROES, Macmillan and Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity.

I would first like to raise enough funds to get me started.  Once successful the funds will invested into materials, banners,marketing, public liability insurance & any excess funds will go towards securing pitch deposits for the 2017 season.  I would then look at a larger scale set up for the business such as; printed t-shirts for brand awareness, a laptop, camera and a lighting set up. with the intention to  create a glam squad that are willing to help me on my journey. I'm aware that things will need to start small but I believe I have the determination and drive to make all of this happen. 

Hopefully you can help me spread some sparkle along the way & spread some positive vibes back into the community.

Please contact me directly if you require any pricing for events.

Love MJ