Southernman Robbie - new album release

Southernman Robbie - new album release

Country blues new album release.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I am making a new album and it's going to be the bees knees.     

As an example, listen to a tune from my firs one YouTube

If you aren't familiar with me or my work, I am a happy-go-lucky and feel good old time country blues singer/songwriter. Fell free to look at my activity on my website

I've got producer Izzy Waan on board.  He sure knows how to make real good records.

I am not on a major label and everything I do is self-funded and self-managed.   The best way to see videos and read more about me is at

(Me on the stage of European Blues Challenge 2017)

By buying the album up front or by making a larger pledge, you will be helping me to fund the costs via our in-house record label.   Please support me by taking a look at the pledge options on the right to see what rewards you will get for your pledge.  If you are on a mobile phone, go to the top and click on the orange 'Support us' button. 

The lowest pledge is £10 which means that essentially all we are asking you to do is pre-order the album at the same price it will cost at our concerts.  

I will also send a you a free mp3 of my first album 'Devil got my name' as an instant reward for your support.

(Album rewards!  You can receive these when you make a pledge)

My fans make my world go around by supporting my work in a world where even the most talented, passionate musicians and songwriters can find it hard to make a living.    Make a pledge now or, if you are interested in more financial details of how the money will be spent, please contact me via this email or call 0040726816618