South Cambs Green Party - General Election

South Cambs Green Party - General Election

GENERAL ELECTION DEPOSIT. Can you help Simon Saggers raise £500 to stand in the forthcoming General Election as the Green Party candidate ?!

£620 raised of £500 target 100 %
19 supporters 10 days left


We need to raise £500 to pay the deposit for the forthcoming General Election and hopefully raise a bit more for our campaign - flyers, banners and even balloons !?

With your help we can get our Green candidate, Simon Saggers on the ballot paper and give the electorate an opportinity to vote for a Party that:

'really does do things differently - we have common sense policies, (not just about ‘the environment’) that
outline practical ways of achieving quality, sustainable ways of living. Rather than voting for ‘business as usual’ I am asking constituents to please vote Green and play a part in creating a brighter, greener future for our children.'

Simon Saggers. Green Party Parliamentry candidate - South Cambridgeshire.