South America 2017

South America 2017

Raising money in order to take part in 2 projects in both Bolivia and Costa Rica aiming to rehabilitate native species including jaguars!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My name is Hannah and I am 18 years old (blonde haired in the picture!) my dream has always been to visit South America and since I didn't get the grades I needed for university, I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to get away from everything and take time to meet new people and explore new places!!!

My journey will begin in Brazil where I will go to Argentina, Uraguay, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Costa Rica! I will be taking part in conservation tasks in both Bolivia and Costa Rica in order to give something back whist enjoying every minute with the native flora and fauna.

I am currently working 2 jobs in order to raise money for this trip, however I have realised that I will not make my target of £10,000 and so I ask the kind people of the community to donate and help my dream to become a reality!

The money will be used to pay for volunteering fees to take part in the conservation tasks, accommodation during this time and tours to see the Uyuni salt flats and Machu Picchu, and lastly my flights from London to Rio and Costa Rica to London!

I leave on the 26th February 2017 and so need the funds as soon as you are willing to help me:)

As I mentioned before, visiting South America has always been a dream but I have never had the time or money to do so. I will be so unbelievably grateful if anyone donates even the smallest amount because every little helps!